Our Testimonials

DUI Client, Mike

I reached out to this company on behalf of father. He was stopped for speeding and then he given a road side sobriety check. He told the officer that he was undergoing treatment for carcinoma and he couldn’t do any balance tests. He was given one check that was a balance test and he failed it. He had a DUI charge from 1993, thus this was his second offense. The company’s lawyers returned my call promptly and we managed to meet that very same week. They were ready to facilitate my father to be found “non-guilty” at his trial, and obtain his driver’s license back. Thanks the company! We appreciate everything you have done for us!

DUI Client, Celeste

I just had to take a couple of moments to express my deep gratitude to the most effective legal company in the business. My case was absolutely hopeless 2 years ago. My case was an egg in your face case against the Commonwealth but the company’s lawyers handled it with the very best level of expertise and style that can’t be matched. This all could have ended up in a long-term nightmare and cause terribly serious harm to my future career.

DUI Client, Tom

I very recommend this company, as their expertise made process easier than what I expected. My emails and calls were returned promptly, and I should say I'm quite pleased with result, as I was found not guilty.

DUI Client, Philip

I was charged with OUI Liquor and negligent operation of a motorized vehicle. Walking into the court room, nervous as may be, the company lawyers ware utterly relaxed and ready to calm my nerves. I had three individuals testifying against me. However, my lawyers managed to convince the jury that I was innocent. Without the lawyers’ knowledge of the law, and huge expertise in OUI cases, I would have lost my job.

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