NYlawprofessionals Story

We are a professional team of lawyers whose extensive experience allows us to provide qualified legal assistance to both commercial and non-profit organizations, as well as to government bodies and private individuals. In our work, we adhere exclusively to international standards and ethical norms that enable us to successfully interact with clients and resolve any legal issues that they might be facing.

Our company is home to the best representatives of the legal profession, specializing in personal injury law, DUI and administrative offenses, in representation of clients' interests in courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration and arbitration courts. It should be noted also that the majority of experts in our company are holders of academic degrees due to which, the competence of the team is our undoubted advantage when it comes to finding qualitative solutions for any of our clients.

At various times, our lawyers defended the interests of major Canadian and international companies, government bodies and prominent individuals achieving a positive outcome in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. During the years of work of the company, a serious scientific potential was accumulated and a worthy practical base was created which makes it possible to apply a qualified approach to each client and their specific case contributing to the successful development of trusting relationships. During our long career we have build strong partnership with many organizations who help us find the truth and defend people before the law, so finding a private detective for us is not a problem if your case is rather complicated.

Owing to our profound practical experience, our lawyers often interact with the media, providing expert comments to journalists of industry and business publications, participating in socio-political programs and publishing articles in specialized media.

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